MCA downloads made easy!

Why waste time downloading? Leave it to us!

If you often need to spend around 3-4 hours on downloading public documents from MCA, just use our service which provides a simple 4-step process:

  1. Sign in to your account and select “Place Order”.
  2. Enter CIN along with MCA credentials and proceed to checkout
  3. Make payment via Payment Gateway (we accept Debit/Credit Cards and PayTM)
  4. We download the documents on your behalf and email you on completion

Key benefits of this automated download of MCA documents:

  • Spend only 2 minutes to place order in CorpData instead of 3-4 hours downloading on MCA
  • Get complete document set, organized by categories with proper filenames in the ZIP
  • Fast transfer of company-wise ZIP from CorpData, instead of individual files from slower MCA server
  • Real-time progress monitoring and notification of completion



You can download documents for a flat fee of ₹130 per company and ₹80 per LLP, which includes payment of ₹100 and ₹50 to MCA for company and LLP respectively. Please note that you will receive an invoice for the ₹130 plus GST for company and ₹80 plus GST for LLP from CorpData.


What does the ZIP file contain?
The ZIP file contains the PDFs for each company, organized in folders as per the categories filed on the MCA website. To ensure that each file name is unique, it is prefixed with the document ID.
How much time it takes to download one company?
It depends on the number of documents filed at MCA and response time of MCA server. It should not take more than 45 minutes to download a company.
How long do I have to download the ZIP file?
We will guarantee that the file will be made available for 24 hours after the download completes and the notification is sent to you via email. After 24 hours, we may possibly delete it to ensure optimum space utilization on our server.
Can only registered MCA users could avail your service?
Yes, you need to provide your login credentials for MCA before downloading. If you don't have an account at MCA, create it and then use our service.
Do you store my MCA username and password?
No, we don't. While processing an order, it may be temporarily stored on our server as part of the downloading process but is removed after completion. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
I got the notification, but I cannot download the ZIP File!
See the above entry, we keep the file only for 24 hours. Please contact us and we will try to make it available again for download within 24 hours.
What happens if the MCA website is down?
CorpData only facilitates access to public records available on the MCA website, we are not a reseller of public records and only ensure fast and convenient access to data. In case of connectivity issues, we will do our best to download the documents and raise a complaint with MCA to make the company available in your login.